Part One - The Village

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Main Characters

  • MC
  • Balon
  • Seun
  • Thia
  • Nila


  • Main Village
  • Walled Compound


  • MC and his friends do some stuff.
  • MC goes into the compound by himself. He’s the only person this year because all the others his age died from a plague when he was three.
  • He is to spend 34 of the 36 weeks of the year in the compound. His friends (who are all a year younger than him) promise to try and send him messages from the outside.
  • While he is in there he becomes very bored and does just about nothing for weeks.
  • Eventually, he discovers magic. He begins to teach himself the rules that he can figure out and practice.
  • One day (about halfway through the fall/22 weeks into the ordeal), his friends try to visit him. They climb up to the top of the wall, but are blocked by a force wall. They see MC down there doing magic. They freak out and turn to leave, only to see a glowing, translucent woman standing on the ground below them. In the confusion, Thia falls off the wall and looks like she is badly hurt. The woman goes over to Thia touches her, then vanishes. When he other three get down, Thia is perfectly fine.
  • One week later, there is a woman at the village who wants to talk with MC. The leaders refuses to let her speak to him until he comes out of the compound. She says she will stay in the inn until he is out.

Part One - The Village

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